5 quick video links for Copyright Education

Copyright can be a confusing and difficult to understand subject, (not to mention a little tedious if you are trying to read the US Code.) Fortunately, a lot of people feel that copyright is confusing and some of them have come up with some very creative and helpful ways to explain it.

A Fair (y) Use Tale is a wonderfully creative mash-up of Disney footage that combines animated clips while discussing the basic details of Fair Use and Copyright.
A Shared Culture is one of several videos by Creative Commons explaining what Creative Commons is and how it is opening doors to allow innovative communication between individuals.
Get Creative , also by Creative Commons explains the purpose of copyright and discusses some of the issues that are influencing current trends in copyright debate.
Copyright on Campus is a short 6 minute video by the Copyright Clearance Center explaining copyright basics for academic faculty and librarians.
Fair Use is a ten minute documentary using movie software to mash up animated scenes with music and interviews to give a basic overview of what Fair Use is.